Posted on: January 15, 2008 11:44 am

Because Cash Speaks (BCS)

Playoff, its the only answer.  You want a real national champion, get a 16 team playoff with all conferences represented.  If this was the NFL and no team from the AFC and NFC west could ever play in the SuperBowl, no matter what their record is, would the NFL still be valid?  NO!  If this was baseball and no team from the NL west or NL east could ever play in the World Series would the MLB still be valid? NO!  If this was the NCAA basketball tournament and no team from the Mountain West, WAC, C-USA, Missouri Valley, etc. ever play in the tournament or the final four no matter how good their record was, would March Madness still be valid? NO.  So then why is that BCS conference schools are the only valid participants for the national title despite the fact that they (in theory) are competing against teams from non-BCS conferences?  If you are really so confident in you conference's supremacy, put up or shut up, play it out, let a real champion be crowned, stop hiding behind you Bull Crap System and let your play do the talking for you.  And don't give me any of this crap about this student athlete stuff.  Those football players (especially at top programs) spend about as much time on classwork as Snoop Dogg does sober.
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