Posted on: February 12, 2008 1:54 pm

Joys of a rebuilding team

Well, if you haven't heard the news, the Athletics are rebuilding.  Trading away Nick Swisher, Marco Scutaro, Dan Haren among others in order to load up on young, unproven players who are expected to develop into solid guys over the next few years.  As an A's fan this is mildly depressing, but not totally unexpected.  As a small (SMALL) market team the A's have to keep a serious eye on the ole bottom line, at the least until the new stadium is done.  However, being a team that has some serious success behind them (#3 in World Series wins) the A's are expected to compete year in, year out.  Obviously rebuilding and winning the series rarely (if ever) go hand in hand.  So what is an A's fan to do?  Well, if you are the kind of fan that is really into the team and not just the win/loss results, then now is the primetime for watching the genius that is Billy Beane.  If he really is the innovator that 'Moneyball' claims he is, then the future for the A's is about as bright as its ever been.  Beane has made many moves before, most of which have been very beneficial.  But this round of trades is different, this is a big, huge, massive amount of movement by the A's, if this group of new guys is as successful as past trades were, then Billy Beane has set a huge benchmark for what other teams need to be looking for and at.  However, if Beane has set the ship sailing in the wrong direction, then will Moneyball come under increased scrutiny?  This is a big fork in the road for the Athletics organization: new guys, a new stadium outside of Oakland proper, Moneyball madness.  Will the A's push the small market teams to the forefront, or will they be just another Kansas City?
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